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If you are based in the Chichester area and you are looking for a great affordable website that features a very fresh aesthetic design that encompasses search engine optimisation (seo) and also shows up well in search engines then congratulations because you have definitely come to the right place.

We pride ourselves by doing a great job on any of the work we do. After all, if a job is worth doing, is it not worth doing properly in the first place?

Static websites no longer cut it in the Chichester business arena

We don’t believe in boring and generic static websites which are far too cheap and cheerful. We like to do things very differently. Our solutions offer great value for money, get you online fast and better inform your customers on who you are, where you are and more importantly, what you do.

Gain more trust in your customers with a well designed website

At present sadly everyone is facing the ongoing recession and the financial pinch that comes with it. Households, individuals and businesses alike, we are all affected. It becomes ever more important now that you stand out from the competition in order to get those all important leads that will ultimately turn into new business and revenue.

A website is often an overlooked component when starting up or running an existing business successfully. A lot of people do not understand that a lot of internet traffic circulates through search engines on a daily basis. Literally thousands of potential customers could be searching for a business like yours online right now in the Chichester area.

Chichester business websites to suit any business

We work closely with local businesses in listening to requirements clearly and concisely. All the websites we do are designed with search engine optimisation in mind so you will have instant search engine visibility.

Our website design Chichester based prices

For more information on pricing please take a look at our website design Chichester pricing. Remember that the cost of a basic website from us costs as little as just £500 for a fully dynamic and interactive website that you can edit on your own if you need to.

We operate on a single one off payment and there are no monthly fees with us currently. Your only obligation is your annual domain name and hosting fees which must be paid and renewed every year. These costs will be quite minimal to your business.

Updates for website design Chichester businesses

We provide full ongoing support to all our clients in the Chichester area and beyond. Our highly competitive pricing policy ensures that you can have the right ideal website solution without paying a fortune. We do offer you the opportunity to update your website yourself but there may be cases when you need us to help you with this. We are always on hand to give support where needed.

Website conversions for website design Chichester

If you have a website already, then you might be looking to upgrade it with a fresh new look or just take your existing look and bring it up to date. In either case, we are experts in the area of website makeovers and WordPress website conversions. We can take virtually any design and rework it to use the latest technology and design themes.

There may be times when you may find that a website you have had designed by someone else previously just isn’t hitting the mark and bringing in those all important leads.

We do encounter this problem a lot and it’s purely because the competition will have invested in updating their website and their search engine optimisation, whereas others have not. This is the dividing line between being seen at the top and being at the bottom of the pile online. Rest assured that our website design Chichester orientated services are the best port of call in addressing your online marketing needs.

Your Chichester business need not be held down

Currently there are a lot of choices with website design Chichester based companies offering services in Chichester. It can be a bit daunting and a bit of a minefield at times.

A lot of them will try to temp you with monthly plans. While this sounds okay in the first instance to pay £20 or £30 per month, a lot of individuals do not realise that you will be paying this for LIFE potentially and you may not actually be getting the best value for money.

Some other website design Chichester companies will also want around £500-£600 up front as well for an initial start up fee and then charge you the monthly payment indefinitely for support.

Over time this can all mount up. Is this good value for money for the long term?

Finding a better website design Chichester solution

What happens next is up to you.

We need some material to get you started

For new businesses and start ups, if you don’t have the time to set aside to provide material for your website we can provide copy text and imagery to fit in with the style of your business in Chichester. We will often take a look at your competitors first in order to do this and see which ones are successful and why.

If you have material that you would like to share then that’s the ideal way forward.

If you already have a business logo then we can incorporate this into your website no problem. Other material that is highly beneficial is written text and where you would like it placed, any images with details of what is going on in each one and a bit of written text about your company, what you do, who your customers are etc.

Don’t worry if you don’t have everything to hand straight away as we will sit down with you to discuss the material you have and what we can add to the mix to give you the ideal balance.

In getting to know you a bit better and your tastes and preferences, we may ask you to fill out a web design questionnaire to give us a better idea of ultimately what you are looking for and the best way forward for you.

Hopefully by now, this gives you a better idea of how we can help businesses like yours in Chichester.

Get in touch

Please do get in touch with us via email or give us a call on 07890 869021 to discuss things further.

As web designers we are very passionate about our work and we strive continuously to help businesses in Chichester build better business and future prospects for themselves.

We very much look forward to hearing from you to discuss your website design Chichester related requirements.

Underline Web Design is greatly experienced in the field of website design Chichester for Chichester based businesses.